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  • The design of targeted

        Stars electric roller is designed for belt conveyor and can meet the needs of different industries, small electric roller can be used in roller conveyor.

  • The design of the space savings

        Stars electric drum drive system, the traditional motor, reduction drive, drive roller, bearing parts, and its corresponding connection to form a drum of the motivation, the drive unit and bearing installed on the electric drum steel shell, the required space than traditional drive to small, no additional chain, V belt, couplings, bearings, supporting structure and the shield.

  • The low procurement

        Stars electric drum is usually cheaper than the external drive. With fewer parts, used for design and purchase components cost less.

  • Quick and easy installation

        Stars electric drum more quickly, when installation is simple, just fixed on the conveyor frame, only a quarter of the traditional system installation time, and to further reduce the cost of motor, reducer of the support structure, and to avoid due to installation does not reach the designated position caused by a series of problems.

  • The operational safety

        Stars electric drum is the most safe drive device existing, rotating parts in the cylinder body, outer shaft is fixed. Only the cylinder in turn, make transportation equipment operation more secure.

  • Completely sealed, adapt to bad environment, convenient and simple maintenance

       Stars electric roller adopt completely closed design, seal level IP66/67, even in damaging the environment, such as water, dust, sand, chemicals and oil, etc., the possibility of downtime, and only need oil every 10000 hours after operation in time, basic maintenance free.

  • Efficient

        Stars electric drum, the power from the motor and reducer directly to body surface, the efficiency can be as high as 97%. Reduce energy consumption.

  • Clean

        Due to the star power electric drum sealing good, it won't stick dirty transport goods, such as food, electronics, plastics and other materials must be kept clean. Food grade electric drum can use high pressure hot water to rinse, all components of the core was not influenced by the external environment of damage.

  • Low noise

        Stars electric roller with high quality alloy aluminium gear grinding and high standard motor and machine assembly tolerance request, to ensure that the star power electric drum high-end quality and run time is extremely low noise, the noise value is far lower than the industry standard of the electric drum.

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