Mobile Telescopic Conveyor

Mobile Telescopic Conveyor
Maybe you are looking for a fast, mobile cargo handling equipment, you may only take into account such as forklifts, perhaps you are not very familiar with our products, we do not know it can fundamentally solve the problem of handling, installation of mobile telescopic machine or wheel mounted on the rail, you can expand the scope of the work space, increase the flexibility of operations, relaxed cargo fundamental solution, efficient loading and unloading. You simply press a button, it can shuttle in the car anywhere.


■ LBSROLL telescopic loading machine can be moved manually, for loading and unloading position is not fixed occasions.
■ any machine can be driven on the ground to move, easy to change with the position of the goods or vehicle change.
■ increase mobile telescopic hydraulic lift loading machine, lighting, counting and other functions, making loading easier and faster.
■ Machine Move: moved manually, sliding rails, electric movement.
■ telescopic loading machine is free to expand in the longitudinal direction, according to loading requirements, adjust button to automatically control the length of the telescopic loading machine in the car, and from the reduction of artificial
Distance transportation of materials, shorten the time of loading and unloading.
■ telescopic loading machine, reducing the damage of goods, the failure rate to ensure the safety of the product out of storage.
■ Suitable types of goods: boxes, bags, parcels, luggage, tires, plastic boxes / Ningbo, etc.}.
■ rated bearing: 50kg / m.
■ on goods, goods under operating highly ergonomic design, easy handling of goods, reduce labor intensity of workers.


(A) Easy operation: manual relief roundtrip transportation, reduce labor intensity.
(B) the efficient operation: standard loading rate of 30 m / min calculation, cartons (800x600mm) per hour, the theoretical maximum loading volume of 2250.
(C) standard operation: loading, storage site standard operating procedures, orderly, effective way to avoid the messy scene, Montreal job phenomenon.
(Iv) save labor: manual loading quantity can be reduced to the original 1/3.
(E) safe operation: the loading process of the accident rate dropped to a minimum or even zero rate.
(Vi) enhance the corporate image: the standard assembly-line automation equipment, in line with the requirements of the modern enterprise.