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Mission: To be Number One In China     Value:  Energy saving • Easy • Efficient • Reliable • Safety • Environmental Protection

LBSROLL used to be State-owned Enterprise, founded in 1996, it is a state grade-2 enterprise, it is China`s backbone enterprises in motorized drum and telescopic conveyor industry and the national key support high-tech enterprises, imported WAT advanced technology from Germany in 80s and have more than 30 years 
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If you want to fully automatic loading and unloading ......
If you want to choose a loading machine...
If you want to save the cost of loading or unloading ......
If you are not satisfied with current loading or would like to further improve ......
If you do not have a specific feasibility plan ......
in case......
Please get in touch with us and we will provide you with tailor-made professional,
Possible type of program, and completely change your current loading or unloading mode

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Safety and Service

     To make your materials or goods more fluid transport, LBSROLL offers a range of advanced handling products and reasonable system solutions.
LBSROLL never compromise with security, so our products are superior to current safety regulations.
Every detail to achieve 100% security, all hazardous areas are covered, so that users do not have the risk of injury.
We have a complete team of service technicians, although you may not need them, but they are ready to wait for your echoes.
LBSROLL technology through professional, efficient service to handle the flow of goods, we make your product fast, safe and economical are handling.


  • Purposeful Design star power electric drum for belt conveyors specifically designed to meet the needs of different industries, applicable to small electric drum roller conveyor
  • Space-saving design of the star power of the traditional drum motor drive system - motor, reducer, drive rollers, bearing housings and coupling components corresponding one
  • Low purchasing power of the star drum motor is usually cheaper than an external drive. Because there are fewer parts and cost for the design and purchase of spare parts is also less ......
  • Installation is quick, simple and more efficient when the star power of electric drum install, easy to simply fixed to the frame of the conveyor, only a quarter of the traditional system installation time


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