Fixed Telescopic Conveyor

LBSROLL telescopic belt conveyor, safe, efficient loading and unloading solution. The greatest advantage is ergonomic operating conditions by operating an operating lever or button, you can achieve any position retractable machine operator needs to arrive by any telescopic movement, the completion of cargo loading and unloading easy and efficient. Extend or retract the entire operation, quick response by electric feedback to the operator, the user can choose our products according to the model car length, you can contact our sales team to give us a reasonable proposal.

In addition, on our Web site, we can provide guidance solutions for standards. You have specific questions, please send us your request, we can provide safe and economical solution for you.

■ telescopic belt conveyor ergonomic operating conditions
■ Fast loading and unloading
■ for a variety of boxcars cargo handling ■ simple operation, safe and reliable
■ maximum 50KG goods delivered / piece
■ maintenance easy and fast


(A) Easy operation: manual relief roundtrip transportation, reduce labor intensity.
(B) the efficient operation: standard loading rate of 30 m / min calculation, cartons (800x600mm) per hour, the theoretical maximum loading volume of 2250.
(C) standard operation: loading, storage site standard operating procedures, orderly, effective way to avoid the messy scene, Montreal job phenomenon.
(D) save labor: manual loading quantity can be reduced to the original 1/3.
(E) safe operation: the loading process of the accident rate dropped to a minimum or even zero rate.
(F) enhance the corporate image: the standard assembly-line automation equipment, in line with the requirements of the modern enterprise.

■ telescopic loading machine is a new, professional equipment loading and unloading trucks.
■ telescopic loading machine is free to expand in the longitudinal direction, according to loading requirements, adjust button to automatically control the length of the telescopic loading machine in the car, and from the reduction of artificial
Distance transportation of materials, shorten the time of loading and unloading.
■ telescopic loading machine, reducing the damage of goods, the failure rate to ensure the safety of the product out of storage.
■ Suitable types of goods: boxes, bags, parcels, luggage, tires, plastic boxes / barrels.
■ rated bearing: 50kg / m



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