Dockless Loader

Carton Loading /Unloading Conveyor

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Apollo products using generic parts and accessories group sets each part of the module, each component is accessible, maintainable, additional inspection hatches allow rapid response service to ensure that users run the entire ten logistics system without interruption.


■ LBSROLL mobile loading machine without loading docks, loading or unloading can be used on level ground.
■ whole front end is powered roller stretching machine, carton goods can be transferred automatically, saving time and effort.
■ rear horizontal infeed end level can be a small amount adjusted to facilitate different height of the person placing the goods.
■ ramp climbs height can be automatically adjusted to maintain the level consistent with the cargo on board, which greatly reduces handling labor intensity.
■ In the whole process of elevating the level of the front end and always maintain the level of activity, allowing people to pick up goods, saving time and effort.
■ Suitable types of goods: carton.
■ Suitable models: commonly used in container trucks, vans and the like.
■ rated bearing: 50kg / m.
■ on goods, goods under operating highly ergonomic design, easy handling of goods, reduce labor intensity of workers.